Top 5 Essential Help Desk Software Features that Helps your Customer Needs

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Publish Date : 2022-06-22 07:25:05
Top 5 Essential Help Desk Software Features that Helps your Customer Needs

IT Helpdesk Software:

In today’s world, every organization needs an IT helpdesk. In an IT helpdesk, the users can call in or send an e-mail and report their IT-related issues. It might be to do with their new laptop or desktop configuration, printer access, issues with any particular application, etc. The success of an IT helpdesk pretty much determines the success of an organization.

If an organization has a robust IT Helpdesk, then the issues of employees, clients, and vendors will be resolved quickly, and precious hours can be saved. Many companies even outsource their IT helpdesk services to other IT companies which have expertise in them.

Types of Help Desk Software:

  • Basic helpdesk

Basic help desk plug-and-play SaaS solutions are famous as they are affordable. Helpdesk software has a base ticketing system for the customers to raise complaints. Often advanced features like chat, knowledge base, reporting, adding additional points-of-contact, and access through mobile might not be available in these basic helpdesks.

  • Enterprise helpdesk

An enterprise help desk is a more advanced solution and has more features than a basic helpdesk. It can incorporate IT asset management system into it along with SLA, and account management. It can handle more number of users at any given point in time, and reporting features of these applications are quite robust. Any organization can get these solutions customized as per their needs.

  • Open-source helpdesk

Since this help desk is open-source-based, the users can modify its source code to customize or integrate processes. However, since it involves modifying the source code, the user needs to have the developer’s skills. Mostly these are free, open-source modules in different phases of agile development, and the providers start charging for more sophisticated features.

Must-have Features of Helpdesk Software

  • Content management system

The content management system can be merged with helpdesk software. It can contain all FAQs for the users to resolve their IT-related problems on their own. It can also be merged with the knowledge management portal for the organization, and all the important HR-related, policy-related, work-related and other documents can be stored for the employees to use seamlessly.

  • Time tracking

Time tracking feature in an IT Helpdesk management system includes uptime monitoring and downtime monitoring. The reporting tools should be robust enough to generate reports which will give comprehensive information about any of the tools which the organization uses and the time it was down. It also helps in tracking the resolution percentage of each technical helpdesk representative.

  • Social media integration

With your helpdesk software, you can integrate social media handles. This step will help you to track the comments customers and other people are making about your company.

  • Advanced filters and tags

Advanced filters will help the TSRs (Technical Support Representatives) to work on higher priority tickets. If there is an outage that is impacting more number of users, it can be prioritized as high priority ticket, and the filters will help the TSRs and managers to identify them.

  • Private notes

In every helpdesk software, the TSRs will make their own notes which will help the next TSR to understand the problem and solutions provided. It will also help in doing RCA (Root cause analysis) in the future.

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