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All about UKVI IELTS

Well, if we talk about the UKVI IELTS test, then it is a UK-approved English test which is also known by the name as Secure English language test (SELT). Here are some facts about UKVI and what is UKVI IELTS?

Well, many students apply for immigration to international countries and for that, they apply for visas.

UKVI Categories of Visas

There are many categories of visas and got that many categories, you need to submit an English language qualification which is included in the Secure English language test too.

So, if you want to study in the UK, then you might need to take the test for IELTS academic the UKVI test.


See the thing is that both IELTS and UKVI IELTS are the same things but the minor difference is that UKVI IELTS is that UKVI IELTS is being approved by the UK Home Office for students coming to study abroad, for individual coming for work and for migration purposes too.

IELTS Academic for UKVI Registration

So, the IELTS Academic for UKVI registration is the same as the IELTS test so you don’t need to worry about anything because that is also very easy to clear if you put some of your focus and concentration levels into it.

Some Tips to Clear the IELTS Exam

Since now you have got to know about this test. Now, let me give you some tips to clear the exam. So, the tips are:-

  • The very first tip for you is that you don’t need to get panic anywhere especially in the exam hall during exam time. Because that’s the place where most of the students experience panic. So, you have to be calm and try to give the paper as calmly as possible. This way you have more chances of scoring well in the exam.
  • The next tip is for the writing part. While, writing, always remember that you write correct spellings without any grammatical mistakes. And if you found any, then try to correct them then and there immediately.
  • Try to write the answers according to the word limit. So, stick to the word limit. Don’t exceed the word limit.
  • The best tip is for the speaking part. While speaking to the examiner, always have an idea on how to talk to them, discussion of ideas, think before you speak because you will be given some time to share your thoughts on a particular topic that will be given to you by the examiner.
  • The next tip is for the listening part. Listening involves much concentration level and a good focus so you need to be attentive while listening so that you don’t miss out on any answers. And try to listen very carefully and to each sentence that is being said.

Sufficient Tips to Clear Your Exam

So, now, I believe I have given you enough tips to clear your exam. Rest is your dedication and passion to clear it.

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So, you should go for it.

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