The trend of fast furniture and its consequences!

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-05-15 15:34:15
The trend of fast furniture and its consequences!

Today's rapidly progressing generation requires everything quicker and faster. Well, the craze never stopped them from choosing fast furniture (just like fast fashion) as well. So, basically fast furniture is the one that requires minimum time to prepare and is available at comparatively less expensive rates. If we believe the millennials and the teenagers today who are opting for the “fast” furniture for their rented rooms, fast furniture is like a temporary solution for their fine living. They get it, enjoy it, and chuck it off after a few years (adding to loads of the landfills). Nothing is long-lasting with this furniture and that is why even the designs and patterns of these tend to change after every 3 to 4 years.

 Why is fast furniture not recommended by experts?

Though you will see homeowners continuously getting attracted towards fast furniture because of their lower rates, experts of home decor are totally against this solution. They would prefer that you opt for exclusive and best quality furniture rather than cheap sofas in Auckland, Luxe Living is an online store that offers quality furniture and homeware to its clientele at affordable pricing. Their training in interior designing ensures that they have curated artifacts that would enhance your home. So, when you get such beautiful pieces at affordable rates, why settle for fast furniture? Need for reasons? Read on.

  • It’s not long-lasting — The fast furniture is made up of materials like veneer and laminate that give up easily with regular usage. And even if you try, these don’t stay beautiful and attractive for very long. So, when the furniture isn't going to last long, what is the logic behind buying them in the first place?
  • It’s over-produced — Another great reason why the experts of home décor are against fast furniture is that they are overproduced. So, what you are using is basically produced in millions. There remains nothing unique and classy about your home furniture.
  • It produces so much waste —So, you buy some fast furniture and dispose of it after 3 years. And maybe a million others like you are doing the same. This means the waste is growing at the landfills by tonnes. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how many more years it will take to clear them all. And probably, the waste would double by that time.
  • Timber is being used — Can you imagine the amount of hazard that is happening to the planet because of you using the fast furniture? Well, making furniture needs timber in some form. So, we know the pressure on the planet and when you are using it in such a large quantity, the trees are going to be cut rapidly. Well, it is entirely not an eco-friendly option!

Apart from all these factors, it is very important to understand that there are lots of toxic materials required for making the fast furniture. Finally, have you considered the fact that you end up spending more in the long run by changing furniture every couple of years? So, now when you know that your quick solution is bringing so much nuisance, is it wise to still follow the trend? 

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