Know About The Most Valuable Salvageable Car Parts

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Publish Date : 2021-07-15 14:48:17
Know About The Most Valuable Salvageable Car Parts

Most car owners out there are still not aware of the money that they can make from simply recycling their old vehicles. Back in the day, scrap yards or car recycling facilities were only used as dumping grounds for old vehicles. But, not anymore. 

In the current day & age, car wreckers act much more than just dumping grounds for old vehicles. They help in offering used car parts to vehicle owners so that vehicle owners can save significant amounts of money on maintenance costs while also being environmentally sustainable. These days, the popularity of salvage car parts from damage-repairable or end-of-life vehicles is pretty massive.  

How Are Salvage Car Parts Obtained?

According to professional service providers for cash for cars in Gold Coast, one of the major sources of salvage car parts are vehicle accidents. In car accidents, the entire vehicle gets damaged beyond repair and they are submitted for recycling. Popular wrecking yards or scrap yards ensure that any salvageable parts that can be reused are obtained from the damaged vehicle and are later sold to motorists as replacement car components.

A List Of Some Of The Most Valuable Salvageable Car Parts

1. Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are often the cause of many car thefts around the world. This is because catalytic converters are one of the most expensive replace vehicle parts. To obtain the catalytic converter, the exhaust pipe of the vehicle must be dismantled. These parts are also very popular and the market consists of more than 4,000 types of catalytic converter models. 

2. Air Conditioning

Any part of the car air conditioning system will prove to be very valuable. The compressors tend to be the most expensive part of the air conditioning system, which can cost up to several hundred dollars to be replaced. Moreover, the condensers and filters also make a sizable chunk of the overall cost of a car’s air conditioning system.

3. GPS & Car Stereo

Another expensive salvageable car part includes the car stereo system along with the GPS (Global Positioning System). The car stereo system helps you to listen to music on the go, while the GPS assists you to find the ideal routes to your destinations. In the black market, GPS components are sold for a considerable amount of money. 

4. Airbags

Airbags tend to have a massive demand in the black market. Lots of airbags are recovered from damaged vehicles, which are then sold to car owners who need them. As of the current road laws & regulations, vehicles supporting airbag deployment should have at least two airbags in them. That means the demand is higher than the supply. 

5. Other Components

Some other common salvageable car parts that are worthy include the front bonnet, front bumper and rear bumper of a vehicle. This is because all of these aforementioned parts get damaged easily, from time to time, which means car owners will be poised to replace them gradually.

What Are The Benefits Of Car Recycling?

1. Environmental Advantages

Steel is the primary material that is used to manufacture a vehicle. And since iron is required to make steel, recycling cars can help in lowering the demand for new iron ores in the car industry. As a result, the pollution and wastes that are obtained from converting iron into steel can be prevented. 

2. Conservation Advantages

With the help of vehicle recycling, the need for the production of new steel plates will be less. Thus, the energy that would have been spent in refining iron ores can now be spent on melting existing steel car parts. Melting existing steel components of a car is much more efficient than making new ones. Furthermore, such a recycling process will also help in conserving the finite resources (iron ores) of planet earth. 


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