How to Select an API Management Platform for Your Business

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Publish Date : 2021-10-12 04:10:19
How to Select an API Management Platform for Your Business

Do you want to grease the wheels of your business? Use an API. Application programming interface (APIs) allows two independent applications to connect. For example, you are using Google Maps functionality into a multiservice ridesharing service like Uber.

With 75% of customers lauding from the great experience of using API, it's a technology a business has no option but to embrace. However, its success entirely depends on the platform that it runs on. So how do you select an efficient API management platform for your business?

Here are factors to consider.

Factors to consider when choosing an API management platform for your business

To reap the benefits of API, use the following factors when selecting your API management platform:

  • Ease of use

First and foremost, when choosing an API management platform, you need to consider the ease of use. You must assess how easy it is to set the system up and running without hitches. You should also ensure that the provider offers tutorials, support--if need be, and other helpful operational resources.

  • Security

Security is also a significant factor to consider. Since many companies are using API, hackers are targeting them for a data breach. APIs offer programmatic access to services and data; however, this transparency leaves the system vulnerable to hackers.

To ensure safety, go for a platform that allows you to apply strong authorization measures. Apart from that, evaluate if the platforms offer parameter validation to safeguard incoming requests.

  • Governance

Governance, in this case, refers to an extensive range of API management, monitoring, administration, and visibility requirements. It dictates the terms and conditions for availing the data and functionality of consumers.

The right governance solution shouldn't limit you despite your organization's size. You should be able to streamline and control the adoption of your APIs on the management platform.

  • Manageability

When choosing an API management platform, manageability should also be a consideration. It would help if you considered the manageability since different developers create the APIs in other locations and deployment environments.

With a manageable platform, you can easily control the frictions that might arise from maintaining these different applications in one platform. You can also easily handle various teams by either adding or removing users from the groups.

  • Breadth

The only way you are going to reap from the API is from the platform's breadth. How comprehensive is it? The platform you go for should cover all the essential aspects needed for the success of the API.

API's aspects are consumer and publisher. The API consumer aspect will help evaluate if the platform addresses discovery, development, monitoring, integration, and management. While on the API publisher aspect, the platforms management service should address designing, creation, testing among other feature that goes into publishing.

Choosing an efficient API management platform is essential. As you would expect, it isn't easy. However, with the factors listed in this article, you won't find it as hard as it would be without the information. Would you please go through them and select the platform that suits you best?

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