Best Free Job Posting in USA

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Best Free Job Posting in USA

Job search websites are one of the most popular ways job seekers can find employment opportunities in 2021. There are many online job boards, apps, aggregators and social media channels to choose from.

They provide a lot of listings. The bad news is that they are limited in their listings. The bad news?

Where are the best places you can go to find your next dream job? We have done an extensive research to find the best job sites. We've sorted through the many sites that focus on specific industries to find those that offer specialized services and general ones.

Employers: Take a look at these top job sites. You want to attract skilled workers, so make it easy for them to apply for your job openings. Posting jobs in the most desirable places is the best way to achieve this.

There are hundreds of job boards in the United States, both paid and local, that offer free and low-cost employment. What are the best job boards in America? So where can you invest more of your resources or budget to attract top candidates?

We have compiled a list of the most popular job sites in the USA to help you locate the right job site for you. Advertising in multiple places is essential for a healthy recruitment mix. Use our list of top job sites in the USA to find the one that suits your industry and fills your open positions.



CareerBuilder, a global job board with over 125 million profiles, boasts nearly 125,000,000 candidate profiles. There are currently three pricing options available at Careerbuilder. You can choose to purchase either monthly or annual. The number of job ads that you wish to post will determine the price. If you are looking for temporary employment, you can pay per job and not purchase a plan.


Glassdoor is a great tool for employer branding and job posting. This site allows you to post job advertisements, create a company profile, and respond to reviews left on your behalf by former or current employees. How to post jobs on Glassdoor.


Employers can make a smart investment in Indeed, which is consistently ranked among the top job posting sites. It attracts millions of candidates every month. Recruit Holdings, the parent company, recently purchased smaller job boards (as well as larger ones like SimplyHired and Glassdoor) to increase its network. Your job ads will be seen by the right candidates, so it is very probable that they will reach them. Indeed allows you to advertise your job for free or paid. Find out how to place your job advertisement on Indeed.

Post Jobs For Free in America


Millions of job-seekers visit Job2Careers every day. Talroo is the employer's complete talent attraction tool. Your job ad will appear on Job2Careers, other niche websites, or job boards, thanks to Talroo's technology.


There's a good chance that someone will answer "Monster" when asked which job site they believe is the best in America. The job board is very popular and offers three pricing options to meet your hiring needs. You can also post your job ads on partner sites such as Military and newspapers in the USA to reach the right audience. How to place a job advertisement on Monster


It may be known by its old name, "Beyond", however, Nexxt has been rebranded and is still one of the most popular job boards. The largest network of partner job sites for this job board is the diversity job boards (e.g. DiversityWorkers, local job boards (e.g. Bostonjobsite and international job boards (e.g. StepStone This is how you post jobs on Nexxt.


This Boston-based job website offers job postings and a large resume database. Resume-library allows you to search through millions of resumes in order to find the best candidates from all states and industries. You can also place a job advertisement and receive matching resumes. CV-Library, the sister job board, is also available for UK hire.

Snag a job

Post Remote and WFH Job Ads in US

Snagajob, an international job board that specializes in hourly work, is huge. You can find job postings from many industries, including retail and hospitality. Snagajob matches qualified candidates from its 90 million-candidate database to help you find the right candidate. How to post a job at Snagajob

We can't ignore the when it comes to Posting job ads on this job board will allow you to reach qualified candidates via a network that includes 25,000 niche job sites, such as e.g. Their services can be used to obtain the domain name "". More information about posting on.Jobs.


ZipRecruiter allows you to post jobs and have them distributed on over 100+ job-searching websites in one click. ZipRecruiter scans 16 million profiles of candidates to identify people who have the right job title, skills or experience to fill your open positions. They then send them notifications to apply. This allows you to get more qualified applicants in a short time. ZipRecruiter has more information.


LinkedIn is a popular professional social network site. However, its vast reach makes it a valuable resource to recruiters. LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to connect with skilled candidates from a variety of industries in an efficient and strategic manner. More information on LinkedIn Recruiter.

For recruiters looking for specialized talent, niche job boards are available

You can find qualified candidates for certain types of jobs through niche job posting websites. These niche job boards include some of the most popular job sites in America (plus some community sites that offer job posting functionality such as Stack Overflow). You can choose from any of them if you are looking to increase your candidate pool for a specific role.

Post WFH and Remote Jobs in USA

Websites for job specialists

Sites that specialize in a particular industry or occupation may be helpful to narrow your search. These are some specialized websites to look at:

AngelList -- AngelList is the best job search site for those who want to work with startups. You can create a profile and connect with others to receive regular updates about new positions that match your criteria.

Behance -- Web designers and web professionals can search for job opportunities on Behance. They also have help with creating online portfolios.

College Recruiter -- Students and graduates can search this site for entry-level and internship opportunities.

Fairygodboss -- This website is all about women. It covers everything from job search to empowerment at work and building a supportive community.

Hired -- Tech professionals are reached out by recruiters based on their profiles. Job seekers will find it even better: Salary information is available upfront.

Idealist -- Volunteers interested in charitable work and nonprofits will find value in these job listings and volunteer opportunities.

Lawjobs -- Lawjobs is a top site for lawyers and paralegals looking for work.

Mediabistro -- Do you want to work in the media? Mediabistro is a job site for journalists, PR and advertising professionals as well as freelancers.

RecruitMilitary -- This site allows military veterans to search for civilian jobs that are suitable for them.

USAJobs - The official portal for federal job opportunities offers everything, from entry-level positions to experienced professionals in hundreds of agencies and organisations.

We work remotely -- Digital nomads have the option to find a job that allows them to work from anywhere in the world.

How to use job search sites in the best way

Your chances of getting a job are higher if your resume is professional and polished. Your resume and profiles on career sites are marketing collateral for an important enterprise: your career.

It's a smart idea to register with multiple sites and set up alerts on each site, as each site offers a different experience and has its own benefits. Snaphunt, a talent solutions company like Snaphunt, maybe a good choice as your first stop. We have matching software and artificial intelligence as well as real people -- our highly experienced recruiters -- working for you while you are set up on other sites.

You need to know where to look for job postings online. It can be overwhelming to find the right job search site. There are many sites that post jobs. This list will assist you in finding the right job for you. It also contains tips and tricks to increase your chances of getting contacted once you have applied.

Free Job Posting in USA

During a job search, job seekers can apply for hundreds of jobs. You will want to make the most of your time by selecting the job search site that has the jobs you are qualified for and is relevant to you. It may be helpful to first understand how employers select where to advertise and promote jobs.

Human resources professionals and recruiters choose which websites to post open positions based on a variety of factors. These include which sites are simple to use, which ones have proven successful in the past, and how much it costs. Their choices will vary depending on what type of job they are looking to fill.

This means that not every job board is the best for job seekers. It is important to consider which options recruiters believe are most effective in attracting top-quality employees. Keep this in mind as you review the following list. Choose a few general job boards and one speciality job board.

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