7 Innovative Ways To Use Your Portable Storage Container

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Publish Date : 2021-09-28 16:10:41
7 Innovative Ways To Use Your Portable Storage Container

Portable storage containers have revolutionized the self-storage and moving industry. People and businesses now have more choices for how they store their belongings, allowing them to keep the things they don’t have room for but still need to access close at hand. Here we explore seven innovative ways to use portable storage containers calgary you might not have considered.

1) Selling Your Home

If you’re preparing to sell your home and need to get rid of the clutter, nothing is easier than a portable storage container. You can edit out all those extra pieces, and make more room in your closets, to help wow buyers and bring in more offers. Selling your house is all about staging, setting the right tone and making the right impression. You can:

  • Look at your home with a fresh set of eyes and store items that make your home look dated
  • Remove furniture from crowded rooms to add more space
  • Create new spaces by converting a bedroom into an office and storing the bed and dresser
  • Make your closets seem more spacious by putting unused items into storage until you move

Once your portable storage container is filled it can be taken away, so it doesn’t interfere with curb appeal. The storage container can be stored at the storage facility and then can be picked up and moved to your new location on moving day.

2) Storage During Renovations

Containers are the ideal storage solution when renovations are underway. You can store the furniture from each room using a portable storage container on your property. You can also store materials and supplies in your portable storage container until they are needed. Everything is right there when you need it, and your belongings and materials are kept safe and dry. You don’t need to worry about lugging everything to and from a storage space when it’s time to move back in.

3) Disaster Relief Restoration

When you experience the devastation of home damage due to fire, flood, or structural damage, you need a quick and easy solution to store your surviving belongings. A portable storage container can be delivered to your site quickly, allowing you to store the salvageable items until your home restoration is complete. The good news is that often your insurance will cover the costs of the storage. Once the clean-up is complete, you can replace your furniture and move back into your home quickly.

4) Temporary Office

Shipping containers have become an affordable option for temporary offices. They come in assorted sizes allowing you to choose up to 8 ’x 20′ containers to accommodate your office needs. This is ideal for entrepreneurs, but also a popular choice for renovation and construction site offices. They are adaptable, durable, and spacious and can be delivered almost anywhere.

5) Business Storage

Businesses that experience seasonal booms often need temporary storage solutions for their inventory. This can be very inconvenient when the storage isn’t available on site. However, a portable storage container can be delivered to your site allowing you to access inventory when you need it. It can also be used for all kinds of business needs from files to furniture and equipment to samples.

6) Moving

Portable storage containers make moving easier. Instead of worrying about moving in one day, you can rent a container for a month and pack and fill it gradually. You can pack the items from rooms you use less often, and slowly make your way through your home, leaving the things you use most often until the end.

There’s far less pressure and you can be more organized and careful with your packing strategy. Once the container is full you can leave it for moving day and have it picked up and delivered to your new home. You can also choose to pack the things you want to keep but put in storage and have the container delivered to a storage space until you need it.

7) Room Makeovers

If you’re planning a room makeover and don’t have any storage space, you can use a portable storage container to gather your new furnishings. You can keep items stored until the room is painted or projects such as installing new built-ins are complete.

Your furnishings will be safely stored away to avoid damage and out of the way to make work easier. Once you are ready to put your new furniture in place, you can store your old items in the container, and then arrange to have them sold or taken away to a storage facility.

While you might not have considered a portable storage container for your needs, these innovative ideas might offer inspiration for your own unique needs.

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